Last update : 3 June 2020 Japan time

★ Sorry, we are temporarily closed due to Coronavirus. We will announce here when
the number of flights starts to increase.  Your patience has been very much appreciated.
We sincerely wish you all the best for your health♦.✦・:,。☆*゚ ゜

"Truth is stranger than fiction"

We believe everything happens for a reason. The vibrations that we emit will
eventually return to us. What we need to do now is to improve our intuition
and raise our own frequency.☆彡

★ Infection Control (We think that there is no Coronavirus and that it is actually an artificially created type of flu.) :

   * Take off your shoes at the entrance and wear the slippers inside
   * Air out the room
   * Take Vitamin A, C, D, and Citric acid
   * Bask in the sun moderately
   * Do Not get vaccinated
   * Humidify the room
   * Boil the skin of 3 grapefruits (wax free), drink the resulting tea along with zinc
   * Do Not smoke (Smoking increases post-infection mortality)


❤We will send a PayPal money request with our message in 48 hours from your order.

❤We ship to the name & address registered on your PayPal account for EMS or
Registered Mail since we have to follow the PayPalpolicy.  

❤We only PayPal payment is accepted.

❤You can see the estimate shipping cost in "Shopping Guide" page.

❤Please leave us a note during checkout if you want to reserve your order.
We can hold it for you for a maximum of 14 days from your first purchase.
❤You can see all your shopping history when you login to our shop.

❤We can not log in to our Flickr and can not post a comment / following
you anymore due to the email address issue. We are sorry about that. (>_<)

❤ Shipping fee is not included. It depends on how heavy your package is. So we will inform you about the shipping cost in the PayPal money request. Also you can cancel your order anytime if you dissatisfied with the shipping cost.

❤ If you did not receive your package or it arrives damaged, and did not choose EMS or optional Registered (US$3.75), there is nothing we can do for you and we appreciate your understanding of this.

❤ Prices vary depending on the exchange rate fluctuations.

❤ We are not responsible for the import tax if there is any.

❤ Please keep the small items out of the reach of children.

❤ Sorry, we do not offer free shipping or discount on shipping cost.

❤ Colors may appear different when you receive your item.

❤ All Kawaii Shop Japan's items are brand new/old store stock/used or our kawaii collection goodies in excellent condition. Also, please understand that some of the vintage items have small marks of aging.

❤ Our items are stored in a clean, non-smoking and pet free environment and in pristine condition at all times.

❤ We take great care in wrapping your purchases.

❤ Sorry, we do not have any wholesale price.

❤ We do not have any shop in Japan, it is just an online store.

❤ If you have any questions or anything, please let us know.
  Email to : kawaiishopjapan[at]gmail.com
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